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Our Products

Whether you’ve just started exploring the world of hearing health care, or are looking to improve your listening experience
beyond your current hearing aids, expert advice is essential. The products range from hearing aids that are nearly invisible
to doorbells that light up the room. Read about these products to see if they may benefit your life.

Open Fit Hearing Aids

This product is the best thing to happen to the hearing aid industry in the last seven years. Many of the complaints that hearing aid users had previously have been resolved. Now you can have hearing aids that feel good, sound good and look good!
No more barrel, echo effect.
Less component failure due to electronics not being exposed to wax, body heat or moisture. No excessive noise from chewing food or talking.
Expanded feedback management.
Nearly invisible.
Adjustable for future diminished hearing.

Custom Fit Hearing Aids

For patients with a more profound hearing loss customized hearing aids are the better choice.
They fit inside your ear canal and provide more power in the lower frequencies. They range in size
from the tiny CIC (completely-in-canal) to the larger full shell model. These products do an excellent
job of managing the sounds in the environment making it easier to extract the voices you want to hear.
Most are programmable to allow for future diminished hearing.

Behind the Ear (BTE)

This product is for patients who have the worse hearing loss that is aidable. Power is
the key in this product but all of the advanced features that make the other products more
comfortable are also available.